Sols Snax

Sols Snax heritage dates back over half a century & is still to this day 100% Australian owned & operated!

Sols Snax has a purpose build multimillion-dollar food manufacturing facility based in the greater Brisbane region.

Sols Snax proudly support our Australian farmers by only sourcing Australian grown potatoes for our delicious products.

Here at Sols Snax we love employing locals & being involved in the greater community.

Sols Snax & our employees have a passion for making great tasting, high quality delicious foods day in day out!


The history of how our famous Sols Scallops has been talked about for many decades & our foods popularities continues to grow with your support!

Our business is on a voyage of continuous improvement in everything we do, as we strive to make the best product even better, and improve our customer experience giving Australians the tasty snack foods they love!

Sols Snax proudly manufactures in its Brisbane based facility Large & Extra-Large Potato Scallops, a delicious Battered Sav.

If you would love to sample any of our yummy Sols Snax range or like to place an order of our product off a local food service distributor of your choice please send us a email to or call 07 3283 4571

Thanks, from all of us here at Sols Snax.

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